In the cold light of day, our mastery and use of tools make us all douchebags

Ethan Kaplan runs product at Live Nation Labs, including overseeing mobile, engineering, design and operations. He lives deep in the suburbs of Los Angeles with his wife Amy, almost four-year old Eli and two pugs.

Phone: Black iPhone 5, 64gb

Ringtone: None. I generally don’t answer my phone and instead text people back. I dislike synchronous communication for the most part that is voice based. If I turn on the ringer, the opening few bars of Harborcoat by R.E.M.

Case: None. I like the form of the device too much to put a case on it, and if I drop it, oh well.

Background: Lock screen: my son. Home screen: some grass.

Last Text: From my wife, while she was in another part of our house asking me to bring her something.

Last App I Used: Netflix, I AirPlay it to our living room TV so I can control what my son watches on a Saturday morning while I attempt to sleep in.

Currently Obsessed with: AlienBlue. The social structures of Reddit fascinate me. I studied virtual communities a lot in college and seeing emergence of social foundations and norms in such a rapid fashion never ceases to be interesting.

Last Download: Mailbox. Also my last deletion.

Most Surprising App on Home Screen: Indigo from Perceptive Automation with customized interfaces. It lets me control all the lights, the thermostat and our front-yard fountain from my bed.

Text or Call: Text. I hate talking to people on the phone and rarely answer calls.

Remaining Battery: 87%. I do most of my long-form reading on the iPad or one of the Mac’s.

Your move Gruber.


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