This is a 2013 goals post, but lets first look back shall we.

Here were my 2012 goals:

Go paperless. Anytime paper comes into the house or into my life, it’ll be scanned (or photographed) and shredded.

Done. I got a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 and scan and shred anything that comes into my door. Plus Paper Karma.

Maintain work/life balance now that I’m working

Not quite. I had no days off through the whole year and was pretty much working every second I wasn’t sleeping.

Run a marathon, a half marathon and a relay

2 out of 3. I did a half marathon (and a personal best), and did a relay.

Pick up (somehow) a non-running sport.

This did not happen.

Finish our house (decoration and yard)

1 out of 2. We did the yard.

Take Eli out of the country

Not until January 2013.

Continue working on my patience and ability to be “nice,” or as Amy would say: stop being so fucking grumpy all the time

Not quite.

Adopt and maintain a system for dealing with information and task processing


Try to keep one date-night a week with Amy. We’re often too busy to even think about it.


See more movies in theaters, more music in venues, more everything culture related.

We attempted this. Somewhat succeeded.

2013 goals….


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